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Monday, March 9, 2015

Faith in humanity , restored

A very beautiful thing happened this lazy, laid-back Sunday afternoon. A little pigeon got itself somehow tangled in the branches of a tall tree near my apartment complex. It was so high up (say, some 30m high)and pretty far away from our window that it was not possible for us to let it loose no matter what. We tried slinging a ball with a rope tied to it and shake the branch loose. We also came to know from our good Samaritan neighbor, Rejith, that the poor thing was stuck since Saturday morning and was dead tired from trying to somehow extricate itself. Finally he called the Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB). By this time quite a few people had assembled there and suggestions were pouring in from all quarters. The fireman first tried their luck with an extensible staff and a few bamboo poles attached by ropes all tied together and terming this exercise unfruitful would be a case of complete understatement. Finally, after a frustrating hour of perspiration and general hopelessness, they decided to call in the cavalry in the form of a behemoth of a fire truck (forgive the excitement, guys always grow up dreaming of riding one) with a hydraulically operated ladder. Like a boss, they brought the poor creature amidst thundering applause and hooting (courtesy yours truly). The children had a total blast and they were totally ecstatic when they saw the bird was unharmed. The firemen, the troopers that they are soaked in the appreciation and exited happily to address other  distress calls. Nearly two hours were spent in saving that little pigeon. But so much joy and bonhomie arosr during this time. The care and the concern that was visible throughout was one of the most heart warming things that I have seen recently. The perseverance and responsibility that the firemen showed was an inspiration.They proved once again that all distress calls are relevant- big or small. Faith in humanity, restored.

Watch the video below to followup.

P.S. MFB phone number is 101 in case you need it.

The Firemen trying the old-fashioned way of rescue

The slow crowd build-up to watch the event unfold
The silver and red fire truck is finally here.
The poor thing stuck with no means of escape.
The rescue operation
A thoroughly deserved celebratory round of Mountain Dew for our Heroes.


  1. Ashoo paavam bird... Glad that so many people cared enough about it :)

  2. could you please straighten up the font? it is agonizingly hard to read this