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Friday, May 4, 2012

Tempestuous Times

The calm breeze which caresses me on sultry evenings is amiss,
The humid, lethargic summer heat is spreading its wrinkled wings all around me,
Over-powering me; drowning me in a swirl of darkness.
Annoyed and irritable, I seek the reason for my discomfort.
The feel of the cool breeze, which wakes an ocean of serenity in me, is amiss
That undying spirit, that unbreakable confidence which has propelled me onwards,
Is it being suddenly taken away from me?
The tempestuous waves comes crashing down upon me,
In a cold infernal storm, like the doors of Hades have opened up,
Unleashing feral, nameless terrors upon me.
Irate restlessness; rising to a fever pitch crescendo,
I feel distraught and lost; the rage within me is unquenchable.


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