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Friday, October 12, 2012

When Guys cry, Song of the Year and Related Stuff

             Guys can be really sentimental too. Its a trait frequently associated with the fairer sex but its a MYTH!. I know tonnes of guys who start snivelling at the drop of a flower. The guys reading this right now, would be like 'Oh,Yeah!. and would have started flexing their fingers to try throttling yours truly if they could ever get their hands on me. (As if you could!). Cutting the crap now, I am talking about a VERY well-known and VERY-well disguised thing. 
              Guys cry! Now stop calling me a twat and continue reading further, if its possible Mr. Macho.We guys hide this fact for a reason, for THE SIMPLE REASON that we look ridiculous when we do so. Not just ridiculous, Plain Ugly!. If you dont agree with what I say look no furthur, scroll down.

Check out how cute girls look when they cry.. :(  (I can already start feeling sad, as I am typing this!)

                 While girls look adorable when they cry, that you just want to go and hug them and say everything is alright; when a guy does the same, he becomes the root of all the bugging for the week. Its so unfairly tuned into our genetic makeup that girls cry with so much poise,charm and dignity while guys look as if we need to take a poo break.

Want proof?!! Check out these pretty faces when we do bawl...

         I am a guy who is the farthest away from a typical sniveller, all with the way I look with the unruly mop of frizziness that I call my hair, unshaven beard and the brainless crap I keep on blabbering about all the time. But, its a BARE fact that a lovely song, a stunning sunset or a touching movie scene can send my tear glands into full throttle and a Jekyll-Hyde situation unfolds turning this hardy guy into a snivelling 'lass'.(Hint of a sexist here, Bitch Please!.) 
         The fact is that I listened to a song while I was in front of my workspace and 'immersed' in work(Read FBing) when my Philips GoGear(Ya, there are other good music players too, you rotten 'Apple's out there) started playing this blissful song. 'Phir Le Aaya Dil' from that very acclaimed lovely, funny, cute(I am running short of adjectives here) movie 'Barfi!'. 
Oh Barfi!.. Loved it!
       Keeping things short,the song just blew me away. It struck a chord somewhere deep inside that I stopped doing everything else and just sank into the melody of that song. For me, the most important aspect of a song is its soul. If the singer can relate to the soul of the song and render it from his heart, it becomes so much more than just a song. It transcends the earthiness and grows into something blissful,something magical. And in the case of this song, it did just that.
         Great work by Pritam Chakraborty who seemed to have fortunately grown tired of endlessly lifting songs from foreign languages and mindlessly 'remix'ing them with synthesised beats. Swanand Kirkire who penned the scintillating lyrics and Arijit Singh, who sang it gloriously made it the song of the year for me.
Arijit Singh
Pritam-Back with a Bang!
Here is the song for those who haven't heard it. Awesomeness is an understatement.

       I am also a member of the above mentioned, men-who-cry-club. As  a result, without meaning to and inspite of all my great endeavours to stop the tears from straddling down my cheeks and puffing up my face, I started crying. And as luck would have it, the bloody idiots with whom I share office space noticed it and I became the butt of  all the jokes for today. I know for a fact that you sorry-asses also do the very same thing but hey!, that's not macho. Macho!..MY foot. Here is one post for all those sentimental guys who cry out there. We rock because we are the natural ones, who have no pretensions. We laugh when we feel like lauging and we cry when we..ummm!..listen to a song. Ahem!

P.S. And  to answer the question as to  why am I posting this now- Sugar induced high because of the extremely sugary double Nescafe I just drank.
The taste that keeps me going now!.. NESCAFE!

P.P.S I keep on wondering how in the blazes did Pritam came up with such a delightful soundtrack. Of all people Pritam,Seriously!