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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love-Ye Most Beautiful Feeling of ‘em all

Can you ever define how much you can Love a person? 

Can you limit it with boundaries, constrain it within fences or count it with your fingers?

            Limitless, boundless, entire, whole and perfect-That’s what love is for me and that’s what it could become. It is a feeling that washes away the last vestiges of doubt, eclipses the ego-the feeling of ‘me’ being above ‘us’ and ‘you’, and overtops you with a sense of fullness that encompasses your entire being. A sense of belongingness and a feeling of pride develop in you, coupled with tremendous warmth and respect towards that person. They say Love happens, but Love blossoms. Love grows like a sapling-tend to it with time, water it with smiles and laughter, trim out those little quarrels and lies, and you could pluck delectably sweet fruits from it (the hugs and kisses :)]. Jokes apart, it is a feeling worth living for. The knowledge that there is someone out there ever-willing to sacrifice anything and everything for you, to pray for you when your hopes are down, to prod you onward if you stutter to a stop, to give you a comforting hug or a reviving word when you need some support, to be your greatest fan and full-time admirer, to have someone to pull your ears when you are naughty- God, it’s the most beautiful feeling. No, it’s much subtler than just a feeling, it could be an emotion but it isn’t that either and if we delve deep it’s something that connects with our true self, something that touches a chord with our inner being. If we give it our all and immerse ourselves completely in this divine feeling, we can see that the whole world around us is part of a great big symphony and every tiny speck of nature around becomes the grandest of spectacle. What I came to understand is that we are essentially tuned to love and this very basic fact becomes crystal clear when THE PERSON graces you by entering your life. Once this happens, all we need to do is just open your eyes and just let go- feel the magic just sweeping you off you feet, see everything around you with renewed clarity, observe life in a different perspective, an abundance of Creativity outflows (start writing, reading poetry and learning guitar specifically in my case ) and life becomes so much worth living for and gives the rudderless ship a stern direction.
             In any case be rest assured that life as you knew it will change for good. Cos, hey! It’s not just anything that we are talking about- Its LOVE, the most beautiful feeling of ‘em all!!

And from personal experience –IT’S MAGICAL :)

A Sweet Pain..

I miss her like the hard baked earth yearns for the sparkling rain,
To stroke his worn face and smoothen away the pain,
I miss her tinkling laughter and pouty lips,
Which makes me want to hug her and smother her with my kiss.
I miss the love-light in her eyes,
Her innocent, dewy, sun-drops, wherein my whole life lies.
But she’s a free bird, with her own heights to reach, her own barriers to transcend,
And I never want to cage her, never ever again.
Let her fly, rise above the clouds and glide,
And I’ll watch her from below with love and pride,
‘Cos I know, my love, when it’s time to roost,
You‘ll come to me to nestle under my cosy wings.


Sunny Shores

  Travelling the churning sea, traversing the distant corners,
Journeying through fog and mist and sprightly tides,
The milky waves champing and chafing with infinite recklessness,
Rocking me, swaying me, tipping me overboard…
But I hung on, in clear hope and endless faith.
There has to be that distant shore.
At the very horizon of this chaos,
A sunny shore, with happy people
Who live in bountiful happiness and overflowing joy,
Where the splendid colors hold us spell-bound,
And melodious music quenches our thirst,
Where the enchantment of love is not forgotten and loving smiles are universal;
And I hung on and fought the tide,
With a stern heart and a stony resolve.
To work the magic that comes from within me,
And to beat the sea and sail onwards,
Onwards, inch by inch and push beyond my endurance,
And reach those hallowed shores.