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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Sweet Pain..

I miss her like the hard baked earth yearns for the sparkling rain,
To stroke his worn face and smoothen away the pain,
I miss her tinkling laughter and pouty lips,
Which makes me want to hug her and smother her with my kiss.
I miss the love-light in her eyes,
Her innocent, dewy, sun-drops, wherein my whole life lies.
But she’s a free bird, with her own heights to reach, her own barriers to transcend,
And I never want to cage her, never ever again.
Let her fly, rise above the clouds and glide,
And I’ll watch her from below with love and pride,
‘Cos I know, my love, when it’s time to roost,
You‘ll come to me to nestle under my cosy wings.


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