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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Rush of Romance..

The rainy month of June always had a special place in his heart since he was a kid. He could keep looking at the falling raindrops for hours and listen to them whispering sweet nothings to him while sipping hot, steamy cups of Coffee. Life had been such a raucous, boisterous party for him until that point when a breeze of fresh life wafted into his life.
It was a carefree, monsoon evening like any, but it turned out to be the greatest gift that the wonderful journey called life bestowed upon him. After-hours  at his beloved Alma Mater was his favourite time to wander listlessly and bask in the profound stillness that reverberates from the deep confines of his college. Maybe, it was this ethereal beauty of his quaint campus that he loved so dearly.
The sound of a peppy Indian song coming from behind the closed doors of the activity room in the main building, was an aberration to his perfect sojourn. Curious, he just peeked inside and saw the college dance team practising for an upcoming cult fest.
Then he saw her as if for the first time. Well, not exactly for the first time. You see they had been in the same class for like 2 years until that point but were miles apart in their hang-out groups. But Destiny is such a Naughty Kid-She just mixes up the most seemingly-different persons’ together and waits from the side-lines to see how their lives would pan out.
However, for him that was THE MOMENT. A wondrous moment when the whole wide world stood still- there were violins in the air (really there were) and butterflies in the stomach. The first moment when he looked into her wonderful eyes-it was THE MOMENT when he lost all his cool and confidence and he bumbled about like a baby and asked her something really out-of-context  to which she simply smiled.
That one smile was only a prelude to what would pan out in the following years. That one smile which took his breath away, those shining, big, innocent eyes- the overwhelming feel of consideration and caring that he feels whenever he looks into those deep, pearly orbs;  the nonchalance and the graceful elegance with which her body danced to the music-(Poetry in motion!); the healing  quality of the base notes of her mystical voice which could portray the essence of a thousand feelings, the melancholic disposition which makes him want to change the whole world and wage a war against whomsoever is responsible for her tears; those clear, sparkling, tinkling little giggles which are like the rush of a mountain spring.

Every single waking moment he wants to love her more. .And even More...