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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Last March of the Lion

Head held high, eyes narrowed in concentration,
Not a hint of fear- it’s been already conquered,
He looks up from his diary, the tiny hint of a mocking grimace playing on his lips,
With a gaze so stern it smolders the victorious look from his jailor’s face,
He arises proudly from his narrow cell, ready for his one last rendezvous.
The name of the Motherland on his lips,
With a grim satisfaction that his purpose had been achieved,
He marches on with long strides, echoing in those corridors which reek of death.
With pride and sorrow in their eyes, his fellow comrades watches him stride forth,
One last time, they egged themselves on to watch their hero,
One last time, they egged themselves on through their tears,
Never had anyone walked so purposefully towards the gallows,
A silent, poignant look he gave them; of reassurance, hope and purpose;
Reminding them of honour and duty and everything worth living for,
He marches on with long strides, echoing in those corridors which reek of death.
The air was deathly still; his captors flinched at the sight of his proud,unassuming bearing,
They tried to comprehend his demeanor; was it pride or suppressed anger?
They found no fear, not even a hint of dread on the face of their nemesis,
Shackled, though he might be; none could even hope to chain his spirit,
An all-conquering love for ‘Azadi’; a love for his beloved Motherland,
Led him forth through thick and thin, through paths unimaginable for lesser men;
Infusing hope and patriotism in his comrades, instilling belief and give them direction,
He walked through those doors of death, climbed those wooden steps, to the gallows,
            He stood proudly on the creaky platform and stared at his captors,
            Stubborn was he to the last moment, breaking their advances to get him to speak,
            The wind caressed his handsome, gaunt face one last time as the noose was placed,
            He felt the tension in the unsteady hands of the executioner as it was tightened,
            Silently, he thanked the Almighty for giving him the chance to serve his motherland,
            For one last time he looked up to the skies and shouted ‘Inquilab Zindabad’
            As the cruel order was passed, his captors cringed in awe of his glory,
            Nature, bereft of her true son shed tears of raindrops on them all,
            As the world echoed in the mournful thunderclaps, which rang as a death knell,
In solemn remembrance of his supreme sacrifice.

(Dedicated in loving memory of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, who inspired    millions to fight   against all odds.)          

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!


Words are shallow to bring out the multitude of emotions which I am experiencing at this particular moment. It is a mishmash of a pinch of happiness, a tinge of sadness, a dash of naughtiness, a trace of jealousy but mainly an over-riding, comforting sense of Contentment- an overwhelming sense of Gratitude.  It is a  poignant  occasion, wherein I could experience a fresh perspective towards living - to look at the beautiful, wide world around me and to shout out loud to the Heavens that ‘Life is beautiful’.
          What makes Life such a beautiful spectacle? I feel the answer is Happiness. This ultimate Bliss is such a lucky affair which only a handful of the populace actually experience. The Magic Formula for Happiness is Contentment and Gratitude.  We Should also ensure that we open up to the grand celebration called Life, blend into that elaborate carnival, let joy and love become a component of our being, allow the Supreme Consciousness to evoke  His magic upon us and take relief in knowing the fact that each of us are being taken care of every single waking moment.
Being lucky enough to be given this wondrous life is a reason big enough to stop worrying about all the negatives and concentrating more on the positives while gradually working on our mistakes. Ultimately, Life will turn out good…That’s what I have seen in my tryst with existence until now.
Yeah, I know it’s a pretty lame take on the Essence of Happiness and The Secret of Being Always Happy. But that’s the whole point of this post- its simply a 24-year old IITK Survivor alias Grad students’ take on life. 

Cheers to Life!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tempestuous Times

The calm breeze which caresses me on sultry evenings is amiss,
The humid, lethargic summer heat is spreading its wrinkled wings all around me,
Over-powering me; drowning me in a swirl of darkness.
Annoyed and irritable, I seek the reason for my discomfort.
The feel of the cool breeze, which wakes an ocean of serenity in me, is amiss
That undying spirit, that unbreakable confidence which has propelled me onwards,
Is it being suddenly taken away from me?
The tempestuous waves comes crashing down upon me,
In a cold infernal storm, like the doors of Hades have opened up,
Unleashing feral, nameless terrors upon me.
Irate restlessness; rising to a fever pitch crescendo,
I feel distraught and lost; the rage within me is unquenchable.