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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunny Shores

  Travelling the churning sea, traversing the distant corners,
Journeying through fog and mist and sprightly tides,
The milky waves champing and chafing with infinite recklessness,
Rocking me, swaying me, tipping me overboard…
But I hung on, in clear hope and endless faith.
There has to be that distant shore.
At the very horizon of this chaos,
A sunny shore, with happy people
Who live in bountiful happiness and overflowing joy,
Where the splendid colors hold us spell-bound,
And melodious music quenches our thirst,
Where the enchantment of love is not forgotten and loving smiles are universal;
And I hung on and fought the tide,
With a stern heart and a stony resolve.
To work the magic that comes from within me,
And to beat the sea and sail onwards,
Onwards, inch by inch and push beyond my endurance,
And reach those hallowed shores.


  1. Seems interesting...the poet in you is juz making a way out....
    good one..keep writing...

    1. Thank You Sreekumar Sir,..These words of encouragement only serves as a boost..

  2. The other shore sure sounds like a very happy place. Nicely done. Love your choice of words. :)

    1. Thanks for reading this poem D Chechi..:)
      Its soo special to me.:)