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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Procrastination Postponed

A week of absolute detox at home seems to have done me a world of good. The last 2 years was an absolute nightmare for me. But Amma’s food coupled with no work, chatty friends and long hours on the phone with the ones that count has really recharged my batteries. A perfect time to start anew, I guess. It’s been a really long while since I blogged- I have almost forgotten about this little space. Well, not really. You see, I kind of lost confidence. Self-doubts and more crept in.

RESULT: I stopped writing/blogging.

This post is a starter of sorts to help rekindle this passion once again.
Well that’s that. This is the second dice throw. The wannabe has started blogging again.
Drum roll!!!
Hmmm... I think I should post something today.
Naa... That’s for later. Procrastination is my forte.

P.S.: God, why am I such a lazy bum.