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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And The Wannabe has started Blogging!!!...

Let’s see…What should I write about first? What fancy words should initiate me into this wonderful world-Blogosphere?? Confused, am I?? Hmm!! That is not something new..I was and always will be a confused person. Confused about everything around me, confused about why something happened and why it didn’t. You get the picture right???  Bloody Confused!

But for once I’ve set my mind into doing something which I had really wanted to do for quite some time-START A BLOG!! I am no Rushdie or Tolkein, for that matter when it comes to penning  down whatever musings that I have, but that urge to jot down those random thoughts that flit through my mind’s eye and all those funny things that I perceive around me, I believe would make it an interesting read for other crazies like me was always there, itching to turn up at the right moment.

And to answer the question as to why I should suddenly join this bandwagon of self proclaimed philosophers and satirists on blogosphere-It’s a very common, ancient human trait- Green-eyed Jealosy..I just happened to read my Best Friend’s/Sister/Whiner-in-arms Deepa’s Blog. Man, it was a stupendous effort from a lazy bone like her to come up with such a piece of artistry. Reading this post made the wheels in my head churn with questions and self doubts.”Can I do a piece like that or can I not?” –“To Blog or not to Blog, That was the question!”

Then realization came upon me, that beautiful moment when a guy feels like he has attained a clear idea about what he has to do-enlightenment, they call it” Hell! It’s only a write-up dude, Not the Bloody N-Deal! Just get in front of the Lappie and Type away to your heart’s content!!”

           So that’s that. The Story of How this Blog of mine came into being. This could well be my First and my last post at the same time. But I am pretty happy that I had the Self-control and the will-power to sit and type something like this without any pressure from anyone because you see I am a representative of the typical lazy bum of my generation who needs constant pushing and motivation to keep my drive going.

P.S. I don’t expect myself to come up with some creative masterpiece or satirical comedy. This is only an attempt to satiate the Wannabe (Yeah! I mean it when I use it) writer in me. And Before I bore the pants off you I am cutting the crap. Ciao!!

CREDITS: Deepa and Deepak. You guys gave me the writer’s bug. Take this as my Gurudakshina!