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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That Moment...

This wait is filling the void in my heart with a purpose, a direction. It is giving me the sustenance to battle it out in this hard clime. It provides me with the courage to face the demons of my past and my present. In those shadowy hours, in each of those harsh moments, I keep myself centered thinking only of that glorious moment- the happiest moment that I have had in days, or rather, in months. The darkest hours, when every minute of existence seems like unbridled torture to the extent that I can take no more of it, is upon me; but I cling on in fervent hope dreaming of that moment which would come to pass in a few days. That wondrous moment, when I would see you again, when time as a whole would stop and you tread gingerly towards me with that beautiful smile playing on your lips. There would be thunderous showers pouring all around, with the monsoon at its peak. Every drop of rain on you would sparkle like a diamond set in the radiance of a blazing flame. The wind would be playing a symphony with your dark,lustrous hair. You would gracefully brush them away from your pretty face like the wind blows those dark clouds away from the face of the glowing moon in the night sky. Your eyes, on seeing me would twinkle in recognition, like the stars greeting the moon, with renewed love and dainty shyness, after the heart-breaking parting which occur every dawn. As you tread those few remaining steps towards me, I would restrain the multitude of emotions running through my mind to savor the innate beauty of that single moment. I would shut myself from every other feeling, every other emotion, so that I could gaze into those solemn, deep eyes and hold you close to me- never to let go, never to let go ever again.

The Ultimate Wishlist 2: Watch the Sunset while Skydiving

Skydiving from 15,000 feet above the ground. Watch the setting sun and enjoy it from the highest point possible. Tread the clouds while hurtling down at that breakneck speed and do the stuff which Hrithik and Co. did in ZNMD (If I can’t I could always say they are camera tricks, right? ). And as the age old saying goes to not just do it but enjoy it even if it means shitting brickbats and cussing everyone around me including myself for bringing this upon myself.

P.S. Note to self: Tell Dad and Mom only when it’s done and dusted. 
 P.P.S. "The Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Skydiving Scene"

The Ultimate Wishlist-1: Watch God Incarnate at SCG

Watching the God of Cricket score his final century at his most favorite cricket ground the Sydney Cricket Ground and helping India thump the Australians on their unstoppable march towards retaining the World Cup in 2015. I would beg / borrow / steal / sell my (or my friend’s) kidney-{Deepak, Pappan and Nithin (BEWARE!!)} to reach Australia.
The Sachin Cricket Ground(SCG) in its new Avatar